Wedding - LUCIA / Utterly Engaged

LUCIA / Utterly Engaged

Dear Lucia at 19, I know you’re feeling that you might not be able to find that perfect someone because you’re ashamed of your body. Especially since all of your life you were made fun of because you’re heavier and curvier than most asian girls. I know you’re feeling insecure and feel like you’re not enough. But it’s going to get better, I promise you. You’re going to find this amazing man in the most random place, while taking salsa and swing dancing class. Your laughter is going to peak his interest but it’s YOU that he’s going to be drawn to. He’s going to love all of your bumps and curves and call you his bee. He’s going be your husband. And when you ever feel like giving up on yourself, he’s never ever going to let you, give up on you. Because you are enough. Just hang in there. Okay? Love, Lucia at 39 __ Photo by @jensosa / Creative Direction @luciapador #utterlyengaged / Florals @oftheflowers / Makeup & Hair @beautybymelina / Location @ohhellofriend #loveauthentic

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