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Kat Williams

How bloody beaut does the silver Pandora dress look styled with a jumper on the @mostcuriouswedfair catwalk!? I literally can't WAIT to see some real brides style these dresses in their own way! ALSO I have to say a hugeeeee fucking massive thank you for all your excitement for and pre-orders of the collection. You've made it the biggest product launch we've EVER done - so much so that I have a meeting with @littlemistressuk scheduled in for next week to come up with even more designs! Ahhhhh, watch this space!!!!! What style of dress would you really love to see? Photo by @@meghanlorna Jumper by @atelierofknit #rocknrollbridexlittlemistress

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Does this belong to you Or do you know who sells it ?

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