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EASTER SUNDAY GRATITUDE // Today, I’m grateful for...⠀ Slow Sundays.⠀ My high school photography teacher who put me on this path.⠀ My patient husband.⠀ My safe home.⠀ My bed.⠀ Hot sauce, all kinds.⠀ Every animal there is, I love them all.⠀ Instagram, it’s a wild thing.⠀ My health, the human body is a marvel and miracle.⠀ For being born in a country where I can do anything.⠀ For the kindness of strangers.⠀ Martinis after long days.⠀ Running buddies.⠀ Trees and the air they make for us.⠀ My dreams that make waking up each day feel like the first day of school.⠀ For my morning rituals that ground me.⠀ For you. What are you thankful for this Sunday? ☀️⠀ #ktmerry #gratitude

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