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Laura Hooper

Want smoother, consistent, cleaner calligraphy? Have you been working at it for a while & not quite sure why your skills aren’t improving? Or maybe you’ve just learned how to use the tools & you want to fast-track your technique. *The answer to all of these is targeted, dedicated practice.* We frequently see people jump right into writing words & they are completely skipping the foundational shapes that create their letters & they struggle, wondering why they are getting better. - This is precisely why we developed our Calligraphy Practice Plan program, even created a 2.0 version with more advanced exercises plus envelope spacing & centering practice. - We’ve created a curriculum of over 90 drills that are targeted for real improvement you will *actually see* in your work along with two traceable workbooks, each over 125 pages. We cover tools & suggestions for planning out your calligraphy practice, because half the battle is actually fitting it into your busy schedule. We get it & we we’ve made it as streamlined as possible for you. - Enrollment for both CPP 1.0 + 2.0 will close for the foreseeable future on Monday, August 26, so head to {direct link in my profile} to get the full details & register don’t want to miss this chance to finally take control over pointed-pen skills.

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