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Kat Williams

Hey it's me, your friendly neighborhood rainbow, here to let you know that in this week's Love Letter & Feeling Better video (oh yes, I don't just send out a weekly email to make you feel good, I also now send out a weekly VIDEO!) I MAY have had a slightly accidental and teeny tiny little rant about how some people on the internet are just full of shit. Oops. But, most importantly, I'm also talking about imposer syndrome and why you need to nix that bollocks from your life immediately. The email goes out at 6pm and you HAVE to be signed up to my mailing list to get it (link in profile if you've been resisting up til now... Come on... Join uuuussss!) And because I know you'll ALL want to know, this jumper was kindly gifted to me by @sugarhillbrighton

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Does this belong to you Or do you know who sells it ?

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