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Kat Williams

Those of you that have been following me for a while may remember that from 2012-2015 I co-hosted a blogging workshop, The Blogcademy, with two of my best friends, @galadarling and @nubbytwiglet. Over those three years we travelled the world! From Austin to Australia, New York to New Zealand, we really did see it all. It was such an incredible time and this past week has remind me why we loved doing it so much. The three of us have the kind of friendship that is so easy, so loving and so joyful. Of course. travelling together for over three years we’ve had our moments of bickering or frustration, but we’ve never ever had a major disagreement or fall out. Isn’t that amazing? We cry laughing, we walk around and take all the photos (seriously, my absolute favourite past time) we go to locals bars completely make up free and have the best time ever!! And although the three of us hadn’t been all together for a year before this (and we probably won’t be reunited as a threesome for at least another six months – sad face) it’s truly one of those friendship circles where no matter how much time passes, nothing changes. I know this is cheesy as fuck but I truly feel #blessed and grateful to have such wonderful friends. I miss you my beautiful weirdos. Roll on May 2020. That ocean can not keep us apart for long!!

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