Looking for the Latest Hollywood Movie to Watch

Looking for the Latest Hollywood Movie to Watch

Looking for the Latest Hollywood Movie to Watch

People always want to get updated with the latest movies and would take the chance of watching these movies as soon as they are released in theatres. You cannot take away the fact that many people are addicted to watching movies either online or in movie theatres. They even buy dvds so that they can watch the movies over and over again. So if ever that you are excited to watch the latest and upcoming Hollywood movies, here are some of the movies that you have to watch out for.


The movie mother! is a psychological horror film directed by Darren Aronofsky with stars Jennifer Lawrence, Javier Bardem, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Ed Harris. The story is about a life of a couple who were being upended by the coming of strange people in their place. The story starts when Javier Bardem placed a crystallized object inside a frame wherein a burnt out husk transformed into a new house. Jennifer Lawrence who is the wife of Bardem woke up and looked at her husband who was a famous writer before but had lost the desire to write.

One day, a man played by Ed Harris came to the house of the couple. Bardem decided to let Harris stay even if Lawrence is quite hesitant because the man said that he was a fan of the writer. The next day a woman arrived played by Michelle Pfeiffer. Lawrence felt frustrated because of their guests however, her husband would want them to stay.

Unfortunately, Harris and Pfeiffer accidentally broke the crystallized object. Because of this, the couple had decided to kick out the two. While the two are preparing to leave, the two sons of Lawrence and Bardem came to the house and were fighting for the things that their father will leave to them. The oldest son had injured the younger son who eventually died. People came to the house for the wake of the couple’s son. Lawrence became angry and kicked everyone.

Later on Lawrence became pregnant and gave birth. Then a crowd came to their house and would want to see the baby. Lawrence doesn’t want his husband to bring the baby outside, however, when she fell asleep, Barden brought the child outside and was killed by the people. Lawrence saw the people eating the flesh of her baby. The crowd attacked Lawrence but she had escaped. She managed to get an oil tank and burned the crowd and the house. The couple survived and her husband put out a crystallized object from his that transforms back the house.


“It” is a supernatural horror movie directed by Andi Muschietti. This Hollywood movie is based on the novel written by Stephen King that starts when Bill Denbrough gave a paper boat to his 7-year old brother named Georgie. Georgie played the paper boat and wasn’t able to stop it from moving in the storm drain where he found a clown-like figure. The figure dragged down Georgie and disappeared.

Denbrough continued to look for his brother thinking that he was still alive and recruit his friend to check out a marshy wasteland known as Barrens. Ben Hanscom who is new in Derry found out that the town was plagued by mysterious incidents and child disappearances.

Denbrouhg and his friends formed a group which they named The Losers Club and eventually encountered an evil entity that looks like a clown and named Pennywise. The group had defeated Pennywise and told that they will go back if ever that the evil entity will return.  You can watch this movie online in full HD on 123movies.

“The Lego Ninjago”

“The Lego Ninjago” is a 3D action-comedy animated movie directed by Charlie Bean, Bob Logan, and Paul Fisher.  This is a story about six young ninjas who were fighting for their island home which they called Ninjago. During the day, these kids live like ordinary people however when night comes, they will be warriors with amazing skills that they use to fight against monsters and villains. Master Builder Lloyd which is also known as the Green Ninja will have to defeat Garmadon, an evil warlord and also Lloyd’s father. The group of ninjas is lead by Master Wu who is a wise-cracking guy were given the task to defend the Ninjago.