Top Most Expensive Weddings in Films

Top Most Expensive Weddings in Films

Perhaps, you have also once wished that life was like the movies you watch online – full of mystery and it seems to be always magical. But the truth is, the magic you often see on-screen is not always as carefree and easy as you might think. People don’t always see the struggle behind the making process of movies they watch on solarmovie.

Let’s take for example the wedding scenes in films. When you view them on-screen, you only see the beauty and the magic between two people who are seemingly in love with each other. Did you know that some weddings in movies you watch online cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars?

Indeed, wedding is one of the most expensive events people can experience in their life. If you’ve been married or planning to get married and looking for a luxury wedding, you know how costly it can be. Even just a simple one can still cost you a few thousand bucks. This goes the same even in movies. If you are unsure about this, take a closer look at the following expensive weddings in movies.

§  The Godfather - $46,730

§  My Best Friend's Wedding - $49,821

§  Father of the Bride - $34, 365

§  The Best Man - $55,384

§  It Happened One Night - $7,429

§  Kill Bill - $500

§  Wedding Crashers - $114,334

§  The Wedding Singer - $7,763

§  My Big Fat Greek Wedding - $37, 621

§  The Graduate - $4,080

The overall costs of weddings in these movies are really surprising. Filmmakers spend a lot of time, effort and of course, money and other resources to have a grand wedding in the film. Well, with the success and huge hit of these movies, it can be easy to say that it’s all worth it. Not only do these weddings cause amazement to viewers, but also gives inspiration to those who are yet to be married in the future.

The entertainment and film industry has gone a very long way since the beginning. Producers, directors and filmmakers are constantly innovating to ensure that you meet your needs, especially as you watch movies online. Whether you are looking for some inspiration for your upcoming wedding or just want to witness the magical moments in your favourite films, the abovementioned films are worth watching. These wedding films give a unique definition to grand weddings every couple can experience.