Now is the Time for Adventure! Why You Should Quit your Job and Travel as a Newlywed

Now is the Time for Adventure! Why You Should Quit your Job and Travel as a Newlywed

Maybe you’ve heard your family or friends refer to marriage as “settling down”, but for couples who choose to embrace travel as newlyweds, there’s no such thing. Marriage is an incredible adventure in its own right, but it can be a gateway to even more special adventures that leave you and your spouse with memories and lessons to last a lifetime. If you’re a newlywed, now is the time to travel because:

1) It’ll never be as easy as it is now

Marriage is a huge transition and it often involves moving somewhere new, learning to live with your life partner and taking on new roles. Many young couples don’t own property yet, aren’t saddled with expensive monthly payments, don’t have children to take care of and have the flexibility to embark on new adventures. Whether you choose to go on a month-long jaunt to Europe or decide to spend a year bouncing around all of the major cities in Asia, traveling as a newlywed couple is surprisingly simple once you’ve committed to it.

2) Supporting yourself isn’t as tricky as you think

We live in world where so much can be done remotely. Everything from taking classes to ACLS renewal can be done online, and online jobs are more abundant than ever before. There are hundreds of stories out there about people who managed to live out their travel dreams because of finding remote work. Keep in mind that competition can be fierce for remote jobs, so start your search early and apply to as many as you can. Don’t give up if the process takes time: nothing that’s worth having comes easily! Finding full-time or supplemental remote work can give you and your spouse peace of mind as you prepare to set out on your joint adventures.

If you don’t want to work online but still want to save your pennies, there are other options. Work exchanges, where travelers can volunteer in exchange for room and board, are a perfect choice for couples who want to save hundreds of dollars while making new memories. A simple internet search will yield all kinds of unique work exchange opportunities. Working on a farm in New Zealand, helping out at a resort in Bali or assisting guests at a winter lodge in Finland are just a few examples of neat work exchanges that you can enjoy as a newlywed couple.

3) Travel is a welcome buffer between your wedding and “real life”

Some people manage to travel for years on end, but chances are that your trip will come to an end at some point, and that you’ll need to resume working and start settling into a “real life” routine. Transitioning from the whirlwind of wedding planning into married life with work, chores, school and other obligations isn’t an easy task. If you choose to travel shortly after getting married, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy one another’s company and to absorb the excitement of married life--all while seeing some amazing new places and making great memories. After you’ve finished traveling you’ll feel refreshed enough to tackle “real life” with energy and determination.

4) You’ll learn all kinds of new things while traveling as a couple

Making your way through an unfamiliar city and planning out your housing, meals and transportation are great bonding exercises for a newly married couple. It takes time, patience and skill to turn your travel dreams into reality, especially when you’re traveling with a partner whose preferences may be different than your own. All of that high-level planning and compromising will come in handy when you have to make major decisions as a couple. If you master these skills under stressful or unpredictable circumstances, you’ll be in even better shape to make tough decisions together in the future.

5) The memories you make together will be priceless

Even when your trip comes to an end, you’ll hold on to all the pleasant (and not so pleasant) memories that you made during your journey. Years later, you’ll find yourself recounting all of those stories about lost luggage, language barriers, incredible discoveries and friendly locals. The good, the bad and the ugly experiences will bring you and your spouse together in unexpected ways and will likely spark a lifelong love for adventure within both of you--your first trip as a newlywed couple probably won’t be your last!