Best Holiday Gifts for the woman in your life

Best Holiday Gifts for the woman in your life

Ideas without clichés or the yawn factor.

What do women really want when it comes to holiday gifts? It’s a pretty subjective question and one that gets even more difficult if the woman in your life is about to become your life partner – now is definitely the time to get gift buying right. However, it’s better to give a gift than no gift at all at this time of year so here are a few ideas for inspiration that won't break the bank and won't have you maxing out your credit card or looking for bad credit loans or doorstep loans to tide you over to the end of the month.

 Subscription boxes

This may not sound exciting but if you pick the right one it can be the best gift ever. Subscription boxes essentially deliver a regular box of something to the woman in your life across the course of a year. So, for example, you might have a very fashion conscious other half who would just love to receive a box of new fashion and accessories every season. There are subscription boxes for just about any interest, from beauty obssessives through to plant lovers, foodies and inventors.


A diary

There’s something about the gift of a diary that seems incredibly personal and yet it’s also quite a simple gift and easy to get right. Many teenage girls kept diaries but ‘diarising’ is also part of the new trend for awareness and mindfulness so you could win both at sentimentality and practical use. Choose a diary that looks good – leather bound is always a winner – but steer clear of the lock and key as that’s just a bit too sweet sixteen.

A new look

Most people these days have a sport or activity that they have made their own, whether that’s yoga, boxing, cycling or sailing. There’s something about starting a new year with brand new kit that can revitalise these activities. So, work out what it is that your other half is the most interested in on the sport front (you should really already know, let’s be honest) and then invest in something new. It could be a high-tech running top, a brand new bike or a plush yoga mat.


If you’re looking for the half way mark between intimate and impersonal then pajamas are the perfect mid point. Silk pajamas are ultra luxurious and a classic choice if the woman in your life is a little bit chic. They also double up as a brand new outfit as the pajama look is hot for AW17. If you’re looking for something a little more fun then go for pajamas with fun prints or even a comedy onesie.


Some time out


Most women are really bad at making time for themselves so the gift of time out is one of the best that you can give. This could be anything, from vouchers for an awesome spa, to a weekend away learning how to fix cars or make patisserie. Of course, if you’re clever then you’ll get in on the action with a time out that you can share too – winter sun or skiing are always popular. Just make sure that you choose a destination that works for her and not just something you’d enjoy.