Wedding Gifts

wedding photo - Set Of 2 Metallic Antiqued Reindeer

Set Of 2 Metallic Antiqued Reindeer

Weddbook ♥♥ These lovely antiqued resin reindeer will beautify your holiday decoration at your home. This set includes one standing reindeer and one sitting reindeer. They have resin construction. #holiday #christmas #homedecoration #reindeer

wedding photo - Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts

Weddbook ♥♥ Here comes healthy fruit and vegetable mixes. Start your day with an energetic mixture. This Vitamix Blender is also a perfect wedding gift.

wedding photo - White Wood Frame

White Wood Frame

Weddbook ♥♥ This beautiful white wood frame is a nice present for your loved ones. It is handcrafted in Italy.

wedding photo - 'Berry And Thread' Beverage Dispenser

'Berry And Thread' Beverage Dispenser

Weddbook ♥♥ A glass beverage dispenser with a ceramic lid and pedestal is perfect for punches and fruit juices. You can give as a wedding gift or have it for your own.

wedding photo - Fruit Holder

Fruit Holder

Weddbook ♥♥ This Italian stainless steel fruit holder goes well as a table decoration. It is an elegant and chic with its loyalist and metallic look for newly-weds.

wedding photo - The Cellar Acacia Wood Collection

The Cellar Acacia Wood Collection

Weddbook ♥♥ This acacia wood serveware collection brings a boho style on your table. Natural wood has a natural elegance. This collection is perfect as a wedding gift also. You can buy either whole pieces or just the needed ones. #woodserveware #acac

wedding photo - Wifey Hubby Pillow Set

Wifey Hubby Pillow Set

Weddbook ♥♥ This wifey and hubby pillow set is a perfect wedding gift for newly weds. It is very practical with its removable cover and loose fill encased in removable insert. #weddinggift #pillow #hubby #wifey

wedding photo - Personalized Picnic Cooler

Personalized Picnic Cooler

Weddbook ♥♥ Picnic time! This monogram picnic cooler can be personalized by embroidered initials. You can save your foods and beverages safely while going out for picnic. It is also perfect for a wedding gift.

wedding photo - Porcelain Decanter & Tumblers

Porcelain Decanter & Tumblers

Weddbook ♥♥ This porcelain whisky decanter and tumbler set harkens to bootlegging days, but is pretty enough to grace a bridal table.

wedding photo - Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set

Moscow Mule Copper Mug Set

Weddbook ♥♥ These handcrafted copper mugs add an extra pleasure to any beverage. You can have yhese Moscow Mule Cupper Mug set either for yourself or for your newly wed friends as a wedding gift.

wedding photo - Garden Terrace Beverage Stand & Dispenser Set

Garden Terrace Beverage Stand & Dispenser Set

Weddbook ♥♥ This vintage style beverage and dispenser set is perfect for your party. Glass mason jars gives a retro ambiance. You can buy this set for your own or for a newly wed couple as a wedding gift. #party #masonjar #beverageset #vintage #retro

wedding photo - Handmade Cotton Mandala Tapestry

Handmade Cotton Mandala Tapestry

Weddbook ♥♥ This hippie Indian tapestry gives a bohemian look for home decoration. Its fabric is 100% cotton. It is a very unique piece and can be used as bed cover, wall decoration, curtain, table cloth. #mandala #hippie #bohostyle #bohemian #homede

wedding photo - BBQ Grill Tools

BBQ Grill Tools

Weddbook ♥♥ This BBQ Grill set is a perfect gift for your newly wed friends. It is also very practical for garden BBQ parties. If you prefer, you can give this grill set to your dad as a birthday present.

wedding photo - Nautical Maryland Backyard Wedding

Nautical Maryland Backyard Wedding

Make a simple yet chic ceremony altar with draped white linens and colorful rose flower arrangements! A gorgeous altar for a backyard or garden wedding. {Anna Kardos Photography} #gift

wedding photo - Personalized Monogram Key Holder

Personalized Monogram Key Holder

Weddbook ♥♥ Don't look for the keys in the house anymore. This hand-crafted key holder is a perfect gift for couples and families. It can be personalized. You can use it as a lovely home decoration. #keyholder #gift #homedecoration

wedding photo - Elegant Garden Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Elegant Garden Wedding Ceremony Ideas

The options and ideas when planning your outdoor wedding are endless. With so many different types of beautiful flowers and rustic decorations, finding the perfect garden wedding ceremony ideas can be tricky! We’ve put together a collection of many d