Wedding Hair #2

wedding photo - BTS Lightstick Flower Crown

BTS Lightstick Flower Crown

flower crowns for only the armybombs that are pictured! these are handmade and based on the size of the neck of the armybombs i have on hand. can only choose up to 2 colors because of the size!

wedding photo - Flower crowns

Flower crowns

Beautiful Flower crowns I’ve made these and worn them all over the world to many events, and people have always loved them. I would love to make them and have you love wearing them as much as I do! I can make them pending Color availability but yo

wedding photo - Small Sunflower Fascinator By Hats2go

Small Sunflower Fascinator By Hats2go

This is a smaller version of My Giant Sunflower design though this one is attached to a button base with a hat elastic to secure so you can position this wherever your require. The other difference in this one to the Giant one is the 2 Bees & 1 Wasp

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