Charming Multicultural Wedding With Rustic Touches | Weddingomania

Charming Multicultural Wedding With Rustic Touches | Weddingomania


I love seeing unique wedding celebrations, such as multicultural ones, because there you'll see how gorgeously two traditions and cultures mixes together. Nadia and Zaheer's wedding was exactly like that. They kind of separated it into two parts: first they visited bride's home town of Durban for a traditional ceremony, and then in a couple of days had another one with massive celebration and couple shoot. Their wedding style is classic yet rustic and complimenting the open bar structure of their venue. I love that all bridesmaids dressed differently according to their own wishes and tastes. The bride's dress is simply gorgeous and what makes it even more special is that it's made by the same designer who made her mother's gown. All in all, take a closer look to all of the details and get inspired!

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