So You Don't Love Your New 'Do? Now What?

So You Don't Love Your New 'Do? Now What?


The lopsided chop, the accidental orange, the botched bangs - all utterly disastrous hair moments. You hear the stories, see the dreaded 'dos and just when you think you're safe ... it happens to you! Now what? Do you run away in tears OR pitch a fit? The right answer is neither. Team MDC and our pro stylist Anna Wiles have some tips on how to handle this sensitive moment (and prevent it!) like a lady.

Prevention Is Key.
If you're not sure of what you want, then your stylist can't be sure either. "The best piece of advice is to always take two or three pictures of aspects you like about that particular hair. Maybe you like the highlight tone in one photo and the base color or cut in another, " says Wiles.

Photos (and maybe even video!) are important because everyone recognizes colors differently. Warm blonde, cool blonde, honey brown, caramel brown may all look slightly different to different people ... It can get confusing!

Color Me Unhappy.
The anticipation is finally over - you're turned toward the mirror for the grand finale and BAM, you seriously don't like it. Wiles insists that you should absolutely speak up! "Do not shut down immediately, " she says, "You must be receptive. The best part about hair color is that it can ALWAYS be fixed."

Not-So-Cute Cut.
You were ready for a change and that change is ... not so bueno. "Remain open to further options and don't go into panic mode. If you do, your stylist will too because they're only trying to make you happy," says Wiles. Your stylist will try everything they can to fix it - as long as you say something!

Style It Up!
"Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about a cut that's shorter than you anticipated. At this point, it's time to get creative," says Wiles. Curling or waving hair will hide minor imperfections, while blogs and YouTube will become your best friends - just embrace it. "You could have the most uneven haircut of your life, but if you rock it with confidence, people will think it was intentional," she says. There's nothing like confidence and a little L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray to save the day!

Have you ever had a haircut or dye job you hated? Tell us your sob stories in the comments!

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