Natural & Hipster Barcelona Engagement

Natural & Hipster Barcelona Engagement


It's always a pleasure to share a set of honest and natural images.

This week we are in Barcelona for this intimate engagement shoot of hipster cool couple Zoe and Mads. I adore their style, their emotion and the whole feel of this lovely shoot. What a setting.

Thanks so much to Jesus Caballero for sharing these remarkable shots today, here is what he had to say about the shoot;

"I would like to send you an engagement session in Barcelona, Spain, this last May.I am a wedding photographer based in Lisbon, but I photograph in Barcelona and London normally (I have a lot of good friends!)In this session, I photographed to Zoe and Mads. Zoe is a nice Canadian girl, and Mads is a crazy and funny Danish musician. Zoe was visiting Mads in May in Barcelona, and they decided to move to Canada after spring.We decided to do a different session in a scenic and historic place, the lookout Bunker of Carmel, from the Spanish civil war. From here, you can see all the city, Barcelona, the mountains and the sea, it is an amazing place. This place it is the favourite of Mads and he liked to meet there with family and friends to enjoy the sunset. In fact, when we were there, we met with some Mads´s friends with families visiting this historic point.I photographed them in a natural and non interfere way, just to enjoy the moment!"


Thanks so much for sharing guys XOXO Lou

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