Finest Bridal Couture Dresses By Hamda al Fahim | Weddingomania

Finest Bridal Couture Dresses By Hamda al Fahim | Weddingomania


We dream a lot when we're kids to become someone mature, talented and incredible. Hamda al Fahim started designing her wedding dresses when she was 12 and her biggest dream was to become a famous couturier. Right now she's famous all around the world as a fairy of bridal couture and one of the best fashion professionals. Her wedding gowns has conquered the hearts of many lovers of romance, elegance and femininity in fashion. Her designs are inspired by a fusion of both eastern and western influences, which makes them unique. Hamda pays great attention to detail and uses the most gorgeous fabrics and handcrafted beadwork. Just take a look at her finest bridal dresses designs in the gallery below, I'm sure you'll be close to swooning over!

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