20 Creative Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake Ideas - Weddingomania

20 Creative Topsy Turvy Wedding Cake Ideas - Weddingomania


Tired of usual wedding cakes with ribbons and flowers? Still looking for some new fun cake ideas? Wanna impress your guests and friends? Then I'm absolutely sure that you need to pay your attention to topsy turvy wedding cakes! Have you heard about them already? If no, you should know that this type of cake has a difficult structure and whimsical shape. And many of us usually are amazed how these cakes have a balance. So let me explain you: it's all about optical illusion that makes a wedding cake appear slanted. You can even make it by your hands (of course, if you like to bake) and find tutorials in the Internet.

But if you don't have time or an opportunity to create a topsy turvy cake yourself, you can order it from your baker. At first you should decide how many tiers of the cake you want and what shape they will be. Start with three tiers (or you can ask to make four or more ones) to get the best visual effect from cake. And ask to mix various tier shapes (for example, round, square, etc.) for eye-catching view. Your baker can fill space between tiers with flowers or other décor elements. Wanna make it more fun? Ask to add polka dot or any other prints, original cake toppers, fruits!

Of course, if you like this cake shape but aren't ready for a super creative design, you can ask your baker to create elegant white topsy turvy cake with simple and chic flowers, for example.

Now you can scroll down to see cool inspiring cake ideas and find the best for you. I think that a topsy turvy cake will be great and original addition to every creative and fun wedding! If you've ever seen them, you'll never forget, for sure.

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