Summer Wedding Hair: 6 Tips And 27 Ideas - Weddingomania

Summer Wedding Hair: 6 Tips And 27 Ideas - Weddingomania


Summer wedding season is coming closer and closer, and it's high time to finish up your preparations choosing the last details and elements. Today I'm going to help summer brides with choosing their hairstyles right and this is a tricky task because heat and humidity are hair's natural enemies that can spoil any hairstyle. Wanna know how to choose a long-lasting and cool-looking hairstyle? I have some smart tricks and adorable examples for you!

Be Ready For Humidity

In many places in can be humid in summer, especially if there's water body next to the venue. Leave-in conditioners and smoothing serums will help you tame frizz and fly-aways. Still don't use too many products on your hair because it may look greasy and we don't need that.

Beware Of The Sun

The sun can damage not only skin but also your hair, and it may look dull. To avoid it, apply something for UV rays protection. This is very important if you are going to be outside all day long.

Avoid Fresh Flowers

Yes, I know that a fresh floral crown is a super hot trend today and just fresh flowers tucked in your hair look very romantic. Keep in mind your location and if it's really hot, don't use such accessories as flowers can wither very fast and you don't need it. If you still want them, choose the most heat resistant flowers or just opt for changing them during the day. another idea is to rock a floral crown during the ceremony and take it off after.

Go For An Updo

An updo looks chic and stylish, timeless and elegant, whatever style you prefer. Another good thing is that it's very long-lasting and your hair will look picture-perfect all day long. Plus it takes hair off your back, which means you won't feel that hot. There are many options: knots, buns, and twists of all shapes and sizes, so you will easily choose what you like.

Try A Braid

Braids are very trendy today, and many brides choose them. this is another long-lasting hairstyle that looks amazing and one more advantage is that you can make it yourself without any help. There are a lot of options here, you can accessorize them differently and all of them are heat and humidity-resistant.

Choose Accessories Right

Your hair accessories can help you! If you have super curly hair that has a habit of doing whatever it wants, keep it in place with a beautiful flower clip. If your hair is dryer and duller than you expected, hit it with some shine serum and put it under a delicate veil.

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