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Ceremony Reading :: Modern Non-Denominational Ceremony Reading


Excerpt from Relevant Magazine by John Mark Comer

[H]appiness is the result of a healthy marriage. It's not the reason for marriage. Happiness is a great thing, but it's the by-product, the after clap of marriage. It's not the point. God doesn't look down on Adam and say, "He looks sad. He needs a lift. He needs another human being to quench the thirst of his soul. I will make him a helper to satisfy his deepest longings. Eve, the pressure's on." Of course not. Only God can do that.

A spouse is not a substitute for God.

The point of marriage isn't to find our missing half. It's to help each other become all God intended. Our future, real selves. In marriage, two people partner to that end. They see the best in each other-the person God created them to be-and they push and pull each other toward that goal.

Don't get married because you think he or she is "the one." Trust me, they're not. There's no such thing! But do get married when you see who God is making somebody to be, and it lights you up. When you want to be a part of that story of transformation, that journey to the future. When you are well aware it will be a long and bumpy ride, but you don't want to miss one mile. Because you believe in God's calling on them, and you want in."

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