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I’ve been going back through a lot of older work and it’s interesting to see how different my work looked before and after purchasing my first Leica, the M9, five years ago. It had such a huge impact on my style of shooting. At the beginning of this pandemic, knowing that it would most likely change a lot of things financially for me, I decided to sell my M10P. I get asked a lot about why I miss it, especially since there’s a whole hell of lot of “better options out there for less money”. The key word here is “better”, and how you define that when it comes to the tools you choose to use for your craft. The majority of those who ask me about it have never shot an M, which to be completely honest, makes it a bit difficult to explain. It’s something you need to experience for yourself to truly get, which isn’t always good enough for most people. Last night, I watched the movie Ford vs Ferrari and it turned out to be one of the best movies I’ve seen a long time. Race car drivers can step into a fast car that was built for you, throw their helmet on, strap in and go. Most drivers don’t know shit about building a car or tearing down an engine. Then you have drivers like the roll that Christian Bale played in the movie, Ken Miles, who was both a racer and a mechanical engineer. Shooting with an M feels a lot like taking a Ken Miles approach to photography. Not only are you a photographer capturing moments in an artistic way, but you’re the one slinging the wrench around, setting the camera up exactly how you want it to be. It’s a different feeling, a nostalgic one. You’re not leaving anything for the camera to decide for you but rather setting it up and framing out each and every shot precisely as you want it to be. Each time you hit the shutter there’s more of a connection felt to my work than any I’ve ever felt with a mirrorless camera or DSLR. Once this pandemic mess is all over and life can get somewhat back to normal, I plan on going back to the much older M9 rather than the newer M10P that I recently had to sell. To the question of whether or not I miss it, the answer is simple.... yes I do.

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