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Nancy Teasley

It has been a heavy few weeks of going through and reading articles and watching horrible videos and digesting all of what has happened. It’s been a period of time of having to have those uncomfortable conversations with Bass, again, about what it means to be black in America, and specifically a black man. What he faces as he grows older. How he will have a different experience from his stepbrother. How it is so unfair, but a reality. And how I will do my best to raise him aware so that he can protect himself when I’m not there to protect him. I am angry and I am sad and I am looking for ways to help bring about change. I’ve donated what I can afford, signed every petition that comes my way, and have made phone calls. It feels like a tiny drop in the bucket. I will keep pursuing ways to make change, I will continue to read and learn from different perspectives, I will continue to check my own biases, I will protect those that need it, and I will raise my sons well. That’s at least a start. #blacklivesmatter #georgefloyd #breonnataylor #ahmaudarbery #christiancooper

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