the model Masha Tyelna big eye

the model Masha Tyelna big eye


13 300x150 the model Masha Tyelna big eye

This girl named Masha Tyelna. He was a model from the Ukraine and is one of the models in the world that has a unique appearance. What is unique about Masha? This girl is a model that has the largest eyes in the world. Some people make jokes that perhaps he is a victim of Chernobyl tragedy, the tragedy in which a nuclear reactor accidents are very severe and made a lot of people in Ukraine and surrounding disability even to their children and grandchildren. There is also what makes a joke if Masha is actually an alien.

See her big eyes. In some angle, large eyes Masha has a beautiful charm and really looks like a doll. He also paired with other models such as Lily Cole who both face like a doll. But for some people, when it is too long to see her would be a little unnerving. Well, seeing as it’s bulging eyes certainly yes if you run too scary.

32 300x150 the model Masha Tyelna big eye

Not much to say about the biography of this young girl. But he has often become a model for many famous fashion brands like Hermes. Masha is one model that is very loved in the land of fashion, Paris. There is no unique ability to Masha’s eyes. But sometimes big eyes that remind us of the eyes of the dolls are adorable and gorgeous.

22 300x150 the model Masha Tyelna big eye

As a model, Masha Tyelna has a body size that makes you jealous or not. Depends if indeed you are a person who has the desire to be a model. 180 cm tall with a chest size of 80 cm. Tyelna pretty tiny waist that measures 58 cm and hip 88 cm. Hmm … so slim.
That glimpse Tyelna Masha, a model girl who stole the attention of the world through the eyes of a similar size dolls but sometimes people even consider it sinister. What do you think, ladies? Spooky, weird or beautiful?.

Credit by : (vem/gil)


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