Cocktail Friday - The Atrium's "The Flower" - Polka Dot Bride

Cocktail Friday - The Atrium's "The Flower" - Polka Dot Bride



Polka Dot Bride

To celebrate ' The House of Dior: Seventy Years of Haute Couture' exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, Sofitel Melbourne on Collins is serving up a series of specially designed cocktails at their Atrium Bar.

One of them - 'The Flower' - is inspired by Christian Dior's use of flowers as inspiration to structure his garments and as a motif to embellish fabrics with rich detail and patterns. His love of gardens and flowers stemmed from many happy hours spent as a child in the walled gardens of his family's home in Granville.

Atrium's Bar Manager, Marc Dasan says " The frozen rose sphere acts as the standout embellishment as well as the motif for the sweet and citric flavours that are released as the rosewater ice melts into the cocktail."

Sofitel's Atrium Bar will serve the signature 'Code of Conduct' cocktails Thursday - Saturday from 1 September until 4 November 2017 to coincide with the the Dior exhibition. What a lovely way to treat your bridesmaids pre-wedding day!


* 30ml Grey Goose Le Citron

* Rose Essence Spray (edible) for the aroma

* Champagne Coupe to serve


Step 1: Combine a few drops of rosewater with the edible pink rose.

Step 2: Place on one half of the ice sphere and close mold.

Step 3: Fill purified water through the cavity of the sphere and place in freezer for 24 hours.

Next: Measure the Grey Goose Le Citron, Lillet Blanc and Crème de Violette into a shaker and shake with ice. Place aside.

Step 4: Place the rose bud ice sphere in the glass.

Step 5: Pour drink from shaker onto sphere to melt the ice (this will also reveal the flower).

Step 6: Spray rose essence over glass for the aroma.

Image by Shellie Froidevaux

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