Go Glamping for Your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding

Go Glamping for Your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding


Looking for a memorable honeymoon or cozy destination wedding? Glamping offers all of the fun and adventure of camping with modern comforts and amenities. A sweetly decorated tent can make for a romantic vacation spot, but a whole glamping resort can create a magical destination for a wedding and its guests. Whether you are looking for something for just the two of you, or an intimate weekend wedding, these glamping locations will amaze you!

The most popular glamping resorts definitely fall under the "rustic chic" category with lodge-themed decor and cozy rugs. Particularly enchanting is tents outfitted with their own covered patios like this one in Montana, below. Sitting on Adirondack chairs and sipping a bottle of champagne, it's the perfect little corner of the world to escape to.

What makes these tents and cabins so lovely? After all, it's hard to believe how much luxury can be contained in canvas canopies. The plank flooring in the more woodsy styles is covered with carpets or rugs, the beds lined with finest linens, and lighting to warm and cheer the space.

Of course, not every glamping experience is rustic, but it also can be sleek and modern and shockingly sophisticated. Above, this tiny tree house in Sweden is decorated in cool neutrals and a pretty breathtaking view out of the expansive windows. Below, this Canadian resort's glamping suite has its own bathroom and soaking tub, and even richly tiled floors. All of this and falling asleep under the stars? Sold!

At larger glamping resorts there are plenty of common areas for luxurious destination weddings. Below, the stone fireplace outside this British Columbia site is decorated with velvety furniture and vintage accessories.

If you are looking for tents that can house families attending your wedding, look for ones with yurts. These structures, seen below, are often able to accommodate families or even bunk rooms. This gorgeous example is found in Italy surrounded by white rock paths and has an incredible view of the rolling hills at sunset.

Glamping isn't just for the summer months. Plenty of these resorts are not only open during the snowy season, but also cater to it. Above, you can find this modern minimalist slice of heaven in Switzerland. One whole wall is glass, allowing for a beautiful view of the landscape while still staying warm with a wood stove. Below, many glamping resorts have moved towards unusual structures, often re-purposed. This cute little cottage was once a shepherd's hut in England, and has not been transformed into a peaceful oasis available to stay in year-round.

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