Magical + Blush-Hued Disney Fairy Tale Wedding

Magical + Blush-Hued Disney Fairy Tale Wedding


Do you countdown the days until you get to visit any of the Disney theme parks, or have a Disney movie constantly playing? If so, you're going to LOVE today's dreamy + whimsical wedding, planned to perfection by Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings! Raissa + Jo are high school sweethearts and have been together for the last nine years - the two wanted to wait to get married until they had finished school and had their degrees. Upon graduation, the two went on a Disney trip with Raissa's family, where Jo proposed!

Raissa had no idea it was coming, but was thrilled - especially as they spent the rest of the trip celebrating. She shares J o had been acting a little strange; when we arrived in Orlando, he was extremely protective of his duffle bag (which makes sense because it housed his computer, and I later found out the ring); he even took it to the parks! One night when we were walking back to the hotel with my family, my sisters insisted on taking pictures; for them, this was not very normal. Well, the next thing I know, they said Jo and I needed a picture together and while we stood there posing, I could feel his heart pounding. He got down on one knee and the rest is history! How adorable is that?!

Disney has always played a big part of our lives and a happy place in our hearts. Our first trip together was to Disney World, and the years after we treated it as a place to go and celebrate milestones and accomplishments. We love Disney so much, we made it a tradition to drive to Disneyland every time we visit Jo's family, who reside in San Diego.

So it comes as no surprise that R+J decided to get married with the help of Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings! Let's learn a little more about planning your nuptials with Disney!

We had trouble finding a place for the wedding that depicted us, the ones in our home towns played little to no meaning in our relationship. I stumbled upon Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings website and asked for a free brochure. When I showed Jo, his eyes lit up and suddenly became interested in wedding planning - that's when I knew this was where we should have our wedding!

Hello gorgeous ladies... And those florals!!

We both agree that it was the first look pictures. There are no words to describe our feelings and how excited we were, not only to see each other, but to have our wedding day finally come. It was magical and intimate moment, and probably not the prettiest as we were in tears, but we were just happy that in a few hours we'd be husband and wife.

So ethereal... Raissa shares Blush hues were most prominent with graceful touches of color here and there. We put love and hints of us in the small details, like our favors - which were inspired by the Disney theme park buttons!

Raissa describes their wedding as Whimsical and exquisite. An intimate affair full of love and laughter. There was never a dry tear in the room when it counted.

What a perfect backdrop for wedding portraits!

The look on Jo's face!! ALL THE FEELS.

Our wedding planner, Maxine, and Disney Florist, Heather, went above and beyond with our décor! I wanted an atmosphere that resembled a garden and the whole room smelled of rosemary, eucalyptus, and peonies! Do you have any advice for future Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings' couples? Plan time for your family and friends, we could not have celebrated and had such a wonderful wedding without those that took the time to fly in! It's not everyday the ones you love are all at the Happiest Place on Earth, so definitely make the most of it and take lots of pictures along the way! Also don't ever feel you're asking for too much, the Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings team is amazing and will do whatever they can to make your day special!

Like a DREAM! Can you imagine having your own Disney Fairy Tale Wedding? What kind of décor + Disney elements would you incorporate? Let us know in the comments below!

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