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Rock n Roll Bride: The Ultimate Guide for Alternative Brides is everything I know about planning a wedding, extracted from my brain and beautifully presented in a completely gorgeous, hardback coffee table book. I've answered pretty much every question I've ever been asked about creating an alternative wedding within these 208 full-colour pages. . This book will help you navigate the muddy waters of planning a wedding that goes against the grain. It’ll help you with everything from figuring out timelines and budgeting, setting your theme, choosing your dress, finding suppliers who ‘get' you, dealing with difficult family dynamics and coping with the post-wedding blues. This book features gorgeous imagery to inspire you, but most importantly, it’s packed with practical advice that will help you plan your wedding in your own unique way. . This book is for everyone who’s ever considered themselves an outsider, a weirdo, someone who doesn’t quite fit in. Being Rock n Roll is not about being rebellious or even thinking of the most out-there ideas that you can, it’s simply about planning a wedding that reflects you, your partner and your love. . From January 8th you'll be able to walk into almost any bookshop in the UK and pick up your very own a copy! However, if you'd like a SIGNED COPY then you can pre-order it directly from us right now (we can ship worldwide). Link in profile

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