10 Sweet Ideas for Valentine's Day Dessert Tables

10 Sweet Ideas for Valentine's Day Dessert Tables


If there's one thing we know is absolutely true that is absolutely true about Valentine's Day, it's that the best part is the sugar. Sure, the romance is lovely. But seriously, the candies and chocolate and cupcakes are the real stars of this holiday. Particularly if you are having a V-Day wedding, here are 10 sweet table ideas!

1. Go modern.

Think that you can't have a Valentine's Day wedding without it being over-the-top red and pink? You're wrong. You can totally go sleek and minimalist with this theme. This gold glitter signage accompanies yummy pastries on white ceramic stands.

2. Or, go with more is more.

But maybe you adore over-the-top. This naked wedding cake embodies classic romance with its decor. Positively laden with heart cutouts, cheerful flowers, and handfuls of red berries, this dessert is perfect for a couple who appreciates bold statements.

3. Try a better conversation heart.

Much like candy corn, conversation hearts divide us. Some think they are divine, and others wonder why their friends like chewing on chalk. Instead, serve these delish sugar cookies in elegant pink and gold frosting.

4. Use pattern and texture in your sweet table decor.

This dynamic Valentine's Day sweet table is the result of layering different colors, patterns, and textures. From the pink glitter hearts to the wood backing to the fringed striped ribbon, it all blends so well together.

5. Mix Valentine's Day with shabby chic.

If you want to incorporate hearts into your rustic or boho wedding, try sweets like the ones pictures above. With these macarons with red heart sprinkles and strawberries fashioned into hearts atop tiny shortcakes, this subtle dessert table is a winner!

6. Become best friends with a cookie cutter.

Instantly transform your favorite brownie or sheet cake into Valentine's Day treats with a handy cookie cutter. You can add sprinkles to the naked edges (above, left) or adorn them with arrow flags.

7. You don't need to love pink.

Another classic Valentine's Day palette is red and white. The dessert table above adhered to this simple color scheme in not only the tempting goodies, but also in the clever envelope backdrop.

8. Think beyond cupcakes and cookies.

Want to go next level with your sweet table? DIY up some arrow skewers and create donut hole kabobs. Super easy and a crowd-pleaser, this would work well as a late night treat at the reception or served at the morning-after brunch.

9. Let hearts take center stage.

You don't have to have a ton of decor on the table if you have a large heart backdrop. This romantic icon makes a big statement either in red tissue paper (above, left) or whimsical marquee lighting.

10. Give them a valentine for the road.

You can't have a Valentine's Day wedding and not have your guests go home with something sugary. Let them serve themselves from a candy buffet, or just prepare bags for them to grab on their way out the door!

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