A stylish modern wedding captured by Photography on Hermitage

A stylish modern wedding captured by Photography on Hermitage


V I C K Y & T I M

{ Photography on Hermitage}

An effortless and elegant wedding day filled with sentiment was the perfect way to celebrate the next chapter of this charming modern love story.

The start of a modern love story

The story of Tim and Vicky's romantic beginning proves that mum knows best! Vicky's mother mentioned a man she should meet, but the suggestion was forgotten about until a few months later when the mystery man was brought up again. This time Vicky threw caution to the wind and agreed thinking that at the very least, she'd make a new friend. Little did she know she was about to meet her future husband.

Vicky was charmed by Tim's sense of humour even before they got the chance to meet face to face. A quick coffee turned into five hours of chat, and the rest, she says, is history.

The pair spent almost every spare minute together building a strong foundation to their relationship. It only took a month for Vicky to realise that she'd finally fallen in love with the one.

"I think it was in our first month that we went into the city for some drinks then strolled up to the Harbour Bridge and spent literally the whole night talking about life, experiences, what we wanted in a partner and what we wanted our respective lives to look like and very quickly that night I realised that we shared the same dreams and hopes but more importantly values. That is the minute I looked at him and thought, wow this is the person I who I am sure I will spend forever with and that's also the exact pivotal moment I knew I loved this man with all my heart."

The Perfect Proposal at Home

A simple, at-home proposal is fitting for this modern love story and the bride wouldn't have had it any other way. After a dinner date, Tim suggested that they visit Vicky's parents for a chat. Tim was asked to make it quick because Vicky's mother was waiting for her favourite TV show was about to start. They were all pleasantly surprised when Tim asked Vicky's parents for her hand in marriage.

"He knew how important my parents are to me and he had them right there when he told me that he loved and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. It was the best moment of my life and just reconfirmed the love I have for this kind and soul caring man."

Needless to say, this was a welcome distraction!

An Elegant Modern Wedding

Vicky and Tim envisioned a very simple and elegant wedding. "We are both very relaxed people so we didn't want an over the top, curtain draped, smoke machine cladded wedding," says the bride. The couple gave their stylist Erica at House of Doltone the task of creating something that was timeless and regal and a white palette.

Small fish bowl vases with a beautiful mix of our wedding flowers complimented on a mirror base and a few tea tree light candles. This minimalist look complimented the feature floor to ceiling glass windows of their reception venue, Doltone House Darling Island and allowed the modern venue and stunning harbour view to stand out.

Modern style

The couple's sophisticated style was reflected in their chic fashion choices. From embroidered silk dressing to for the bride and bridesmaids robes to bespoke flower girl dresses; every fashion choice was timeless but made an elegant statement.

This was of course true to the bride's choice of wedding dress. "It was a two piece full 5 layer tull detachable skirt with lace detailing and a fitted detailed slightly backless fishtail dress. I loved it- the detail in the dress, the lace and the crystal beading just made it and it wasn't too over the top which meant it was more me than I would have expected and it was traditional- something I hope to look back on and think of as timeless" says Vicky of her gown.

Her groom was equally dapper in a three-piece royal blue suit with a matching tie and pocket square set. His look was finished with cufflinks gifted to him by the bride for his birthday a few days earlier.

The big day!

Vicky and Tim's attention to detail for their big day went beyond aesthetics.

Family and religion are both important to the couple, and both had a significant impact on their day.

Family from Sydney, Melbourne and Australia were all in attendance for the wedding. This made cultural celebrations like the "krevati" - where rice and coins are thrown on the marital bed after it was made - all the more meaningful.

The couple was married in Saint Euphemia Greek Orthodox Church. "Religion is such a fundamentally important part of our lives and I was so blessed to have been married in the same place my parents were and the same place I was christened," says Vicky. Their choice of reception venue was also driven by the fact that Doltone House easily made the couple's goals of a wedding filled with food, music and Greek "Kefi" a reality.

"The food was delicious and plentiful, from seafood and traditional Greek meze to start with, then traditional Italian mushroom risotto and ravioli, a main of slow roasted lamb (it wouldn't be a Greek wedding otherwise) and roasted fresh barramundi and my favourite the desserts- apple crumble parfait and salted caramel popcorn log like nothing I've tasted before."

Vicky was also lucky enough to have had Maria from Maria's Fresh Flowers be her family's florist. The family home, church, bouquets and reception all featured beautiful creamy blooms.

Greek tradition sees that the best man and matron of honour organise the bonbonniere. Guests were given to enjoy a black and gold lace box with "koufeta" (traditional Greek wedding lollies) and chocolates that added a classic finishing touch to the tables.

Memories made

The wedding went by in a flash, but luckily the couple had the talents of Chris Elfes from Photography on Hermitage on hand to capture it all. Chris was there to capture Vicky's favourite moments. From the surprise Lebanese drummers, and dances Vicky had with her best friend and father; he was there to capture them all.

"He thought of absolutely everything, no detail was missed and it was nice to have a familiar face guide us through the day. The church ceremony was really important to us as were the moments we each spent at home with our families before the church and Chris really understood the importance of all of it. He was just so amazing!"

The future

The newlyweds spent a week together in Fiji for their honeymoon that was the perfect chance for them to reflect, relax and unwind. They hope to start a family in the near future and raise them to be strong, healthy and courageous. And eventually, Vicky hopes to see them find someone as kind, caring and loving as her Tim.

Wedding wisdom

"I think generally people spend so much time planning the event - whether it's the proposal, engagement, or wedding day - then become blinded by the bigger picture: the happiness and joy after it's all over.

I hear stories about couples planning their wedding years in advance, shopping for the perfect ring together and stressing out over the little things. I don't know if we were lucky or it was just meant to be, but once we picked our date, we booked everything within a week - including reception, church, cars, entertainment, and flowers - everything, and this is for a summer wedding.

The dress was picked after visiting two designers and the team at Idora especially Sana made it so easy for me I think I had like 3 fittings in total including the day I picked up.

Not that I am a guru on life, far from it, I truly do believe that if you're with the right person everything goes to plan, and whatever doesn't you work through it. Don't sweat the little stuff. I remember my hairdresser was asking where I wanted my veil and I was like I don't now just shove it in there somewhere - she laughed and said she'd not met anyone this laid back."

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