Advanced Wedding Planning Techniques Using Mobile Apps

Advanced Wedding Planning Techniques Using Mobile Apps


Aug 29, 2012 | Posted by: abi s

Your wedding day is on event that is close to your heart. You want everything to be perfect. The problem today is that many budgets cannot handle the expense of an expensive wedding planner. You can do away with a wedding planner and still have the wedding of your dreams without a million dollar budget by making use of wedding websites and wedding planner mobile apps.

Whether you are the bride or the person the bride trusts to plan her wedding you can make use of today's technology to get the job done and to do it well. By making use of a wedding planner app you can ensure that you stay organized and nothing, big or small is overlooked. The key features of a good wedding mobile app that make it perfect for wedding planning are:

The most advanced wedding planner software can be found in your wedding planner apps for Android, iPad and iPhone. One place that you are sure to want advanced wedding planning techniques is in the area of budgeting. You want total functionality. Most apps allow you to calculate estimated prices, add new expenses along the way and calculate differences in estimated prices and actual prices, adding and subtracting them from the total budget as needed.

A big part of planning a wedding is in tracking what has been accomplished against what still needs to be done. With wedding mobile apps you can track payments, due dates, date paid, and quotes, you can even specify vendors. Having a place to list vendors with the ability to add notes about each is important because you will have so much on your mind it will be impossible to remember why you listed a particular wedding vendor.

A great wedding apps will have task lists and time line functions. Many bride to be's and first time planners do not know just what needs to be taken care of. Wedding mobile apps that include pre-installed lists and suggested time lines for completion of these tasks are the most helpful of all. You should look for those that have functions that allow you to add/delete tasks at will and also include a day, weekly and monthly planner.

Planning the reception is also a big part of wedding planning and this can be an area of great contention if you are not careful. Having a wedding planner app that has design layout for different configurations will be very handy. It is also helpful if it allows you to assign and re-assign seating, label tables, edit the number of seats and tables and also have a place that you can use to plan that all important menu.

For wedding mobile apps that do all of these things and more you can visit the iWedPlanner website. They offer these great wedding planner apps along with a free wedding website. You and your entire wedding party can have instant access to plans or changes in plans with the click of a mouse or the touch of a key pad.

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