Wedding Food & Favor

wedding photo - Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts

Package your wedding favors in the perfect heart boxes

wedding photo - Tomatoes Rockefeller

Tomatoes Rockefeller

Forget the oysters, these Tomato Rockefeller bites will be the hit of your dinner party as part of a plated appetizer or even as a passed option at a cocktail p

wedding photo - Avocado Recipes

Avocado Recipes

Add nutrients and texture to any meal with these easy avocado recipes. Even more Avocado Recipes: Here

wedding photo - Tangy Fresh Feta Dip

Tangy Fresh Feta Dip

I am very excited to show you this Tangy Fresh Feta Dip today as not only is it a fabulous recipe but also the launch of us doing videos.

wedding photo - Mushroom Bruschetta With Tomatoes

Mushroom Bruschetta With Tomatoes

Mushroom bruschetta is a perfect Sunday Brunch recipe. This is a quick meal idea that is a healthy vegan recipe. Also a great lo-carb vegetarian recipe

wedding photo - Sheet Pan Garlic Butter Mushrooms

Sheet Pan Garlic Butter Mushrooms

Sheet Pan Garlic Butter Mushrooms - The BEST side dish ever! Simply roast your mushrooms in the most heavenly garlic butter sauce on ONE SINGLE PAN!

wedding photo - BLT Chicken Salad

BLT Chicken Salad

This BLT Chicken Salad combines all the flavors of BLT's in a creamy chicken salad that's sure to become a new favorite!

wedding photo - Cajun Buttery Herb Shrimp

Cajun Buttery Herb Shrimp

Cajun Buttery Herb Shrimp. Loaded with parsley, thyme, garlic and oregano- Ready in 15 minutes. Is there a reason why you are not jumping with joy? Ok, let me e

wedding photo - Jazz Up Your Water Glass

Jazz Up Your Water Glass

Jazz up Your Water GlassWhat a fun way to jazz up a boring water glass. You can use seasonal fruit or herbs. Y

wedding photo - Almond Pistachio Ice Cream

Almond Pistachio Ice Cream

Super creamy vegan pistachio ice cream made with cashews, coconut milk, maple syrup and ground pistachios! Studded with slivered almonds for extra crunch.

wedding photo - Fabric Basket Patterns

Fabric Basket Patterns

Grab one of these free fabric basket patterns and organize your space today. 12 patterns to keep things in place and ready for you to sew.

wedding photo - Melon Mozzarella Salad With Basil

Melon Mozzarella Salad With Basil

This melon mozzarella salad with basil is the perfect combination of creamy, sweet and savory. It's a great summer salad recipe and definite crowd pleaser.

wedding photo - Salted Caramel And Hazelnut Slice

Salted Caramel And Hazelnut Slice

Over the last few weeks my recipes have taken a slight healthy bent – refined sugar free lemon curd, refined sugar free raspberry and lemon cake, raw chocolate

wedding photo - Meyer Lemon Cream White Chocolate Tart

Meyer Lemon Cream White Chocolate Tart

Let's get real. I am so jealous of my mom and her lemon situation. Right about now, she probably has more lemons than she knows what to do with and freezing the

wedding photo - Cheese-Stuffed Olives

Cheese-Stuffed Olives

Pre-dinner snacks serve two purposes: They should be salty enough to encourage cocktail drinking but have enough heft to temper the alcohol’s effects. These deliver on both fronts.

wedding photo - Raspberry Coconut Mango Sorbet

Raspberry Coconut Mango Sorbet

6 ingredient Mango Sorbet with creamy coconut milk and a handful of fresh raspberries. Creamy, tropical, not too sweet, and perfect for summertime.

wedding photo - SHELLFISH DISHES


Tomato-Shrimp-Avocado Salad with Burrata - Summertime is perfect for quick, light salads. This recipe is made with seared shrimp, tomato, avocado, jalapeno, garlic, basil and burrata cheese, served with crunchy crostinis, so light and delicious.