Wedding Makeup

wedding photo - Silver Glittery Cut Crease

Silver Glittery Cut Crease

Weddbook ♥ This is a look that is a true challenge. Thankfully, the steps guide to make the eyeshadow. But still the main challenge is about the glittery part of the look. #eyes, #makeup, #eyeshadow, #cutcrease, #red, #glitter

wedding photo - Green Eye Tutorial

Green Eye Tutorial

Weddbook ♥ This is a gorgeous green eyeshadow tutorial that will help you add some color to your makeup. These colors will look beautiful with any eye color. You can follow these steps easily and obtain this makeup. #eyes, #eyeshadow, #green, #palett

wedding photo - Pink Eye Makeup

Pink Eye Makeup

Weddbook ♥ This is an easy eyeshadow tutorial that even a beginner can do it. Four colors are used as eyeshadow and blended well. The three other steps are just for making the look complete by adding eyeliner and lashes. #makeup, #eyes, #eyeshadow, #

wedding photo - Lilac Smokey Eye

Lilac Smokey Eye

Weddbook ♥ This is a unique and a fresh looking smokey eye. Because of the light lilac color, it doesn't look as heavy as the other smokey looks. Follow this tutorial for a colorful smokey eye. #makeup, #eyes, #lilac, #smokey

wedding photo - Shimmery Eyeshadow

Shimmery Eyeshadow

Weddbook ♥ This is a beautiful eyeshadow to wear for dinner outside. The natural smoke is combined perfectly with the pinkish shimmery eyeshadow on the middle of the lid. Following the tutorial, you can have this look on your own eyes. #eyes, #eyesha

wedding photo - Red Eyeshadow With Glittery Liner

Red Eyeshadow With Glittery Liner

Weddbook ♥ The main attraction of this look is the bright color of the eyeshadow and the glittery eyeliner. The eyeshadow is all marked according to the order and areas of the eyes it is used. The real challenge is to draw the thin line with the eyel

wedding photo - Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial

Smokey Eyeshadow Tutorial

Weddbook ♥ This is an easy smokey eye hat is done with nude shades. The look is done using 6 different shades but it is not complicated if you follow the steps. If you are looking for a dramatic eye that is done by using nude eye shadows, this is the