Friday Filler - How To Apply Cream Blusher.

Friday Filler - How To Apply Cream Blusher.


There's something about cream blusher that sucks me in. I'm not sure what it is but every single time I visit the glittering make-up counters you can be sure as sure that I'll be dipping my fingers into the latest range of creamy blushers of that particular brand. In fact I'm carrying at least three around in my bag at the moment - from Charlotte Tilbury's Beach Sticks in 'Moon Beach', Chanel's 'Inspiration and Laura Mercier's 'Oleander'; I think I have all the bases covered.

With this in mind - this simple Friday Filler tutorial is right up my street.

Hopefully it's up yours too...

1. Using your ring finger pick up some of your chosen cream blusher. We used Laura Mercier's soft and velvety creme cheek colour in ' Oleander'.
2. Pat it on to the outer apples of the cheek.
3. Using a clean finger blend upwards and outwards towards the temple without spreading it too far.

Are you a cream blusher fan? What's your go to blusher product?

All my love Lolly xxx

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