DIY Tutorial. How to Make Stamped Linen Wedding Napkins

DIY Tutorial. How to Make Stamped Linen Wedding Napkins


Image by Carey Sheffield

It's time to get crafty again, this time I am here creating the perfect napkins for your guests.

This tutorial is really simple and can be totally customised to your wedding theme. Go for floral fabric, coloured fabric or for natural linen like mine. Plus you could change up the colours or add glitter to your stamped motif.

Potato stamping is so easy, fun, cost effective and creates fab results.

You need:

A sharp knife.

A potato.

Napkins or fabric of your choice. I got mine from Dunelm Mill.

Fabric paint.

It doesn't get simpler than this.

Cut your potato in two and carve in your desired design. Try to keep it simple.

Coat your stamp in paint and print onto the napkin. Allow to dry and place onto your tables.

Use fabric paint so that they last longer. Iron your napkins for a polished finish. Let your guests take them home as a keep sake. YAY.

Here are some images of the napkins at the WWW editorial shoot... pretty right? :-)

Happy crafting lovelies XOXO Lou

Image by Carey Sheffield

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