Sheer Delight - Acrylic Wedding Decor Details

Sheer Delight - Acrylic Wedding Decor Details


Good morning, you gorgeous lot! And happy Friday to you!! As we speak I'm on my merry way to this years Shambala Festival for a weekend of magical, bohemian and entirely vegetarian fun (say whaaaaat!?), but I couldn't resist sharing this super chic, up and coming wedding trend with you before the week was out! What am I talking about?

All. Things. Sheer.

Yup, that's right! If you can see through it, as far as 2017's concerned, it needs to feature in your wedding decor! We're talking perspex place setting elements, acrylic 'ghost' seating for a luxe ceremony or reception vibe, window pane table plans, glass light bulb escort cards... Like I said, if it's clear, we want it!

So without any further a-do (we have a WEALTH of pictures to share with you today!) we better get into it!

Probably the most popular use of of perspex in the wedding world right now centres around the place setting. This gorgeous DIY tutorial by Nouba blog kicked off our transparent obsession earlier in the year, it's been growing ever since and is showing no signs of ceasing!

Think cute party tag-lines, your reception menu or even guest place names penned in beautifully modern calligraphy in white or gold onto a clean cut sheet of perspex, ready to layer with whatever crockery/foliage/napkin arrangement you desire!

Of course, the styling geniuses of the wedding world are taking this trend and reimagining it time and again to bring you every imaginable (and ridiculously gorgeous) possibility... Enter the acrylic/glass charger plate.

A lesser known, but astoundingly gorgeous interpretation of the acrylic trend for 2017 weddings is the 'Ghost Chair'. Again, you'll see how stunning this seating option can prove across all different types of settings; indoors, outdoors, for a ceremony or at a reception table... Acrylic really is a shapeshifting trend!

It's also totally worth noting that Ghost Chairs look at their most awesome in multitudes; a sea of sheer seats. They're so subtle and unobtrusive, yet at the same time striking and original in their own right!

...Can you tell we're sold already?!
They're just the most striking addition to any setting, allowing your venue to literally shine right on through without interruption.

If this isn't signage goals, really, I don't know what is!

I'm gonna go ahead and predict that as far as signage goes, acrylic may just be the new black board.

Boom. There, I said it!

It's a lighter, brighter, more subtle option. It can be leant (without covering any other details), it can be hung... So many possibilities and just one day to fit them all into! #weddingplannerproblems

Now this one's a little out there, but man alive do we love it. Acrylic stationery.

A clear wedding invitation... I mean, I'd be excited to get one of those! SO understated and just SO chic!

That said, we're not sure just how feasible that option is in the UK right now (to my knowledge, that is?! If I'm wrong, then hit a sister up!), but aside from penning a hundred or so acrylic invites by hand, there are some great ways to embrace the sheer trend in your stationery suite without necessarily opting for perspex.

Ok, so this one isn't an entirely new trend, granted. The window pane table plan has been around for at least a year now (although it remains a firm favourite), but the transparent table plan game just got upped, massively.

So let's kick this section off with this family favourite: an oldie but a goodie, the window pane table plan couldn't be simpler, nor could it be any more effective!
There's a reason this table plan trend continues to prevail, I mean, just look...

Right?! All your need is the right window and a chalk pen and you're good to go!

And for those weddings with a slightly larger guest list, or just looking to make one hella statement with their painfully chic table plan...

Wow, I mean. Wow.

We're also totally enamoured by the idea of suspending your transparent table plan. Give your decor some height!

Just add foliage to the top of your table plan, or sandwich pressed flowers (à la Nomad Styling) between two sheets of acrylic before writing on your text, then hang via velvet ribbon or invisible thread as per your preference and voilá!

I just love that perspex mobile effect, with each table suspended on a separate sheet of acrylic, gently rotating on their invisible threads. Who knew a table plan could also double as an artistic installation, right?!

Meanwhile, if escort cards are more your thing, they come in all sorts of inventive forms to meet this trend! From light bulbs, to suspended hexagons, they're all utterly gorgeous!

...And if you can get your mitts on a copper chalk pen, then you're really speaking my language. Hearts for eyes!

We're clearly in love with this trend (see what I did there), but what do you guys think? Have you got some sheer delights planned for your wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

Have a fab weekend babes, we'll see you on the flip side!

Peace + Love

Clare XO

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