33 Bold Boho Chic Bridal Shower Ideas - Weddingomania

33 Bold Boho Chic Bridal Shower Ideas - Weddingomania


Boho chic is a popular wedding theme, and it's no less popular for hen parties. Boho chic décor looks and feels relaxed, and dressing up this way is girlish, chic and fun.

Boho chic parties can be thrown all the year round but it's especially great to have one outside, so prefer this theme when it's warm and choose a cool place. You can have a backyard, beach, woodland, tropical or rustic boho chic shower depending on the place you've chosen and the touches you want to add to your décor. Let's see how to throw such a fete in details.


First of all, choose a color combo and what touches you will add to boho chic theme. if it's summer or spring, you may opt for neutrals or white, pastels are also a great choice. If it's fall or winter, choose jewel tones or just bold colors. Actually, you can take various bold colors for any season because boho is a synonym of bold shades.

Macramé or crochet tablecloths and placemats are a great choice for a boho chic table setting. Another idea is colorful, maybe folk textiles with lace, these may be table runners and tablecloths, and also napkins. Bold florals are a must for your table, these can be centerpieces, single blooms in colorful bottles or floral table runners and garlands. Opt for colorful glasses, tableware and dishes, keep everything bold!


Picnics are the trendiest thing for boho celebrations, so put the table right on the ground and add blankets and pillows around. Make a teepee, they are great for taking pics and just for décor, if it's not a real one, it may be a decorative teepee of colorful ribbons and flowers. Feel a flower child maximizing the floral décor: hang some bold florals over the table, decorate your dessert table and other spaces. Macramé and crochet details are right what you need, and hang dream catchers all around. You can also make a log arch and hang flowers and macramé hanging on it.

Dress Code

Wear flowy floral maxi dresses, or opt for crochet and lace short dresses or just colorful boho-inspired gowns. Rock colorful accessories or make your own floral bracelets and crowns to highlight the style.


Serving treats at a boho party is also important as it should be creative, homey and laid-back. Put various platters with food, serve champagne flower popsicles and other tasty treats that you like. Have a nice party!

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