Elegant 1920s Wedding Shoot With A Blush Wedding Dress - Weddingomania

Elegant 1920s Wedding Shoot With A Blush Wedding Dress - Weddingomania


The Roaring 1920s were perhaps the most sparkling and elegant decade of the 20 th century, and it's not surprising that they inspire many people today. The glamour and elegance of the 1920's comes alive in this Gatsby era wedding inspiration from C. Hope Photography. This shoot if full of eye-catchy details that can be stolen by you for your own wedding.

The bride was rocking a blush cut out gown, an updo in the 1920s style and a sparkling headpiece, and her bold red and white bouquet had some feathers in - all of these details are perfectly stylized yet they have a modern feeling, too. The groom was wearing a black suit with a tie and a whimsy floral boutonniere.

The table was decorated simply and elegant: no tablecloth, just a sparkling gold table runner, a lush oversized floral centerpiece and a lot of candles. I also like the stunning leafy chair décor, lush décor and elegance are two key elements of the 1920s.

The wedding cake was as whimsy as the whole epoch itself. Half-naked, half black, decorated with gold beads, super lush florals and feathers, it was definitely an eye catcher. On emore cool idea for the shoot was a getaway car. They had an old Model T for the getaway car! It looked so stunning, I think there can't be anything better for the wedding photos. Get inspired!

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