Four Reasons to Love Winter White

Four Reasons to Love Winter White


We're strong believers in the prettifying powers of winter white; it's the easiest way to brighten any of your leftover winter blues - contrary to popular belief - easily styled to be seasonally appropriate. If you need some guidance, here are four of our favorite reasons for loving this crisp, clean shade all season long.

1. White nails look strong and healthy

White nails are usually reserved for showing off that summer tan, but we think rocking them loudly and proudly during the winter not only looks elegant but gives off a fresh, healthy vibe.

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2. A swipe of white liner brightens up eyes

Tired ( ) winter eyes need all of the help they can get. Which is why we love white eye liners. They give eyes a soft highlight of pale color, while also making the whites of eyes look even whiter. Line inner rims, or pencil the inner corners of eyes for a subtle hint of color in a soft finish.

3. Lips look fuller with a layer of white lipstick

A shimmery white attracts light to whatever it touches, which is especially good news when it's on your lips. Swept completely overtop of whatever shade you'd usually wear, or just dabbed over the center Cupid's bow of your upper lip, it will give the illusion of a fuller, poutier mouth.

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4. A shimmery white highlighter will create cheekbones out of thin air

Cheekbones are a feature we all possess, but only a select few have been gifted with ones that reach towards the heavens. Luckily, a quick swipe of shimmery white highlighter above the cheekbones will help sculpt and bring these elusive features to light.

Product pick: Maybelline New York FaceStudio Master Strobing Liquid Illuminating Highlighter in Light/Iridescent

What is your favorite way to wear winter white? Sound off in the comments!

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