30 Colorful Mexico Destination Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania

30 Colorful Mexico Destination Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania


Mexico is among the most popular places for destination weddings for several reasons: it's not so far to go, it's rather a cheap country and it can give you a lot of different locations - a beach, a tropical forest or other places to get married. Being so versatile, having a hot climate and tasty cuisine, Mexico is one of the best destination choices, plus you will have a great honeymoon after the wedding there.

If this country is your choice, it's time to choose a venue. Will it be a city, a beach, a desert or a tropical forest? What colors will you choose? White, blush and ivory are very popular for cool tropical and elegant beach weddings with a touch of glam but you can also add bold Mexican colors like turquoise, red, fuchsia, yellow and green. We recommend to rock something traditional: food, desserts, drinks, accessories or attire to add a local coloring to your wedding and highlight the destination. Now let's have a look at some ideas.

Ceremony Spot

Your arch depends on your wedding theme, and Mexico can give you everything! A bold arch covered with tropical flowers, a green one covered with palm leaves, a beach one of driftwood with elegant ivory florals, or a desert one with bold ribbon and cacti. Choose your style and shades and realize your dream to make the wedding backdrop adorable.

Table Décor

Tablescapes also depend on your colors and theme: a traditional Mexican table can be done in bold colors, for example, for table runners and napkins, with bold florals and even plates and glasses. Desert table settings look cool with cacti, succulents, traditional Mexican textiles and fruit. Tropical table décor can be made with palm leaves, fruit or bold flowers, and for beach weddings you can rock seashells and elegant ivory florals.

Adding Local Coloring

Embrace the country you are in! Incorporate traditional textiles, bold florals, accessories and headpieces, rock sombreros and invite a mariachi band for your big day. Order a hand painted wedding cake inspired by Mexican motifs, take pan dulce for wedding desserts and create a tequila bar. We strongly recommend to serve local food - Mexican food is delicious! Give mini tequila bottles, maracas, traditional churros or other desserts as wedding favors. If you aren't ready for rocking traditional Mexican attire, you can just wear some colorful accessories and a bold floral crown, and choose an updo. Your look can be inspired by Frida Kahlo, bold, statement and traditional, you'll be gorgeous. Make some fun piñatas to excite the guests and enjoy!

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