The Perfect Messy Topknot in 3 Steps |

The Perfect Messy Topknot in 3 Steps |


Blurred lips, smudged shadow, unruly brows, strands in disarray-the verdict is in, messy is the new chic. You do want to look like you woke up like this.

You're not hearing any complaints from us on this matter either. Less time polishing leaves more time for schmoozing and snoozing-our favorite things to do. And there's no perfectly-undone mess quite like the or topknot. That effortless little bun that sits atop the head looks so chic and simple. Want to know how to do a topknot? has your guide to throwing together the perfect, last minute topknot. Think about how much your hair will thank you. No blow-drying. No flat-ironing. And barely any styling time. This could take you seconds.

Hair, meet your new bestie-the topknot tutorial.

Step 1: Gather Your Hair Into A High Pony

Step one of how to do a topknot: pull it together, girl. Your hair, we mean. Gather all of your hair and pull it into a high pony. On the last loop of the elastic band, leave the ends out as they will be strategically pinned and pulled.

Step 2: Use Hairspray And Bobby Pins

Gather those loose ends. Leave no hair behind. Spray your bobby pins with either dry shampoo or a strong-hold hairspray for extra grip and pin the loose ends around the bun. Don't worry about making it look perfect, as you'll tug at the bun next.

Step 3: Mess That Bun Up!

Step three of how to do a topknot: mess it up. That's right, tousle up that hair! Loosen the topknot and pull short hairs out for a mussed-up look. You can go as messy as you want with this look-that's the point! Set your style with L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray .

Now You Know How to Do a Topknot!

And if you're looking for the perfect makeup look to complement your new topknot, we suggest pairing your messy 'do with the "New Natural"-because statement brows and a blurred red lip are just as easy to achieve as this hairstyle!

Do you have topknot fever? What's your go-to messy style on those "Oh, $#*!. I woke up late" days?!

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