This Drag Queen Gives Us a Lesson on Contouring |

This Drag Queen Gives Us a Lesson on Contouring |


We know what you're thinking ... drag queen makeup doesn't exactly scream everyday office wear. Although, we wouldn't be disappointed if it was - you know, with our love of over-the-top beauty looks and all! So, we figured, who better to show us how to up our contouring game than someone who does it for a living (and knows how to take it to the extreme)?! Brian Hettler, AKA Cantata Serenade can contour like no one's business so, of course, we had to ask her to spill her deepest, darkest contouring secrets.

If there's one thing Serenade has taught us (although we could make a running list) it's how much work REALLY goes into creating a full drag look. Between the wigs, gluing of the eyebrows, costume makeup and let's not forget the eight-inch platforms, looking this fab is a job in itself. And while dressing up in drag may not be a part of OUR morning routines, there are some tips Miss Serenade shares that can definitely be used in our day-to-day beauty regimen.

1. Color Correcting.

Before you even think about contouring, make sure your face is flawless. Serenade uses red or orange lipstick underneath foundation to get rid of a beard shadow. While, this type of shadow is not exactly an issue for most of us, we have picked up on using red lipstick as a concealer to neutralize dark circles.

Serenade makes it clear that you should NOT over-contour your nose. Keep the slimming subtle by trying this instead.

3. Embrace Your Curves.

" When contouring, start from the top of the ear and make a gentle curve toward your mouth with your dark contour color," instructs Serenade. "You might think that a straight line will work, but when contouring, it's best to follow the lines of the face. "

4. Use the Right Tools.

Serenade uses a foundation brush to apply the contour and highlighter, but only uses a makeup sponge for blending, as it absorbs some of the makeup and creates a more flawless finish.

5. Know Your Hot Spots.

"Dab highlighter on the inside corner of your eyes to make your eye shadow pop and your nose contour more noticeable," says Serenade. "Apply your dark contour shade under your lower lip and your highlighter on your Cupid's bow to create a sexier pout."


Wondering why this queen goes to the trouble of applying ALL this makeup on a regular basis? Simply put - She loves it. "I like that I make people smile," explains Serenade. "And, for just a few hours, the realities of day-to-day life don't matter. It's all just a big fantasy and I can be larger than life ... literally."

While our skills can't compare to hers, check out our other makeup tips and tutorials!

Model: Brian Hettler, AKA Cantata Serenade
Photo: Lauren Rote

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