Whip up this "relationship ingredients" wedding ceremony idea

Whip up this "relationship ingredients" wedding ceremony idea


When we were considering wedding ceremony ideas, the one that resonated the most with us was something like the unity sandwich, since we're both foodies. (Although a unity waffle would be more our style! Alas, there was no outlet at our ceremony site to plug in our beloved Death Star waffle iron.)

But I love the symbolism of using different ingredients to come together and make something beautiful, unique, and delicious.

I had also been inspired by my friends' wedding where they did a modern interpretation of the Jewish 7 Blessings. They asked friends and relatives to each read and expound upon one of these blessings: love, home, humor and play, wisdom, health, art, and community.

That's when Mike chimed in and said, "It doesn't have to be 7 - or even those things in particular - we can make up whatever feels right for us." I realized that we could combine those two ideas to make our "Relationship Ingredients Ceremony."

I sat down and started to think... What are the basic ingredients of our relationship? I came up with these six things:

  1. Friendship - we're actually each others' best friend. (Eye roll, I know)
  2. Love - both emotional and physical (and by that I mean sex, of course)
  3. Laughter - I can't get it up for someone who doesn't make me laugh
  4. Openness - this encompasses things like communication, trust, and vulnerability
  5. Creativity - we enjoy working together on writing projects and brainstorming creative ideas together
  6. Community - this encompasses our combined friends, family, home, and fur babies

We've asked friends and family members to take one of those ingredients and whip up something to represent it at our wedding. It could be a short speech, a true story, or a reading they found - whatever they want (as long as it's not intolerably long). And I can't wait to hear what they come up with on the day of our wedding.

Start thinking about the ingredients of relationship... What makes your two great tastes go great together? What are the most delicious parts of your love? Whatever that combination is, is the perfect recipe for your wedding ceremony de jour.

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