Would you consider REAL tattoo wedding favors at your wedding?

Would you consider REAL tattoo wedding favors at your wedding?


Get a load of this bad-ass idea: a tattoo artist on site at your wedding (or bachelorette, or after-party, etc.) giving out actual, real tattoos to interested guests (or just you). It's out-there, but kind of awesome at the same time? That's what The Wedding Tattooer, Robert Fiore, and our resident tattooed bride photographer, Mike Allebach have partnered up to bring ink-loving couples.

It's NOT for every couple, I grant you. You definitely wouldn't want anyone to feel pressured to get any kind of permanent tattoo without some thought. That said, if your crew is body art-inclined anyway, it would surely end up being one of the most memorable wedding favors.

Here's a video from Rob, the tattoo artist who brings his tattoo studio to the event (who would ink up your grandma if she was game for it - don't miss that story!)...

Rob sets up the same kind of setup as his own studio complete with sterile instruments, after-care instructions, etc., and can hook you up with custom designs (maybe teeny ones that wouldn't be too scary on the day).

Would you ever want to design a wedding tattoo for your guests to consider? Or maybe just have a tattoo artist on-site to give you custom ring tattoos after the ceremony?

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