The Best Budget-Friendly Bridesmaid Dresses

The Best Budget-Friendly Bridesmaid Dresses


Some of the best bonding moments with your bridesmaids come from doing activities with them prior to your big day. From bachelorette parties to the bridal shower, bridesmaids are expected to contribute both their time and money to these pre-wedding events.

Bridesmaids generally purchase their own dresses for a wedding, and with many bridesmaids dresses costing a pretty penny, we know your besties will thank you if you keep their wallets in mind. Luckily, there are plenty of affordable bridesmaid dress options that look just as chic and effortless as their higher-end counterparts.

That's why we've scoured some of our favourite stores to find the most affordable gowns that suit different styles and body shapes. The best part? They are all under $200.

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