Wedding - I Have Friends In High Places

I Have Friends In High Places

This weekend I had two weddings, 260 miles apart. I was fortunate enough to have the lovely and amazing Jill Clardy refer me to photograph her daughter’s wedding. Jill is an amazing photographer herself, so it was quite the honor when she asked me to be there for them. There was a lot of emotion on this day, but the couple and the venue and everyone there made it SO easy to take great photos. I even asked for some clouds to appear for sunset and BOOM there they came. They weren’t in the part of the sky that I’d liked, so at sunset I found part of the orchard which had the sunset behind it and triggered my SB-900 with wireless triggers on 1/16th power using iShoot PT-04CN triggers laid on the dirt behind them and got them and the sky perfectly. The venue was the Dana Powers Barn and it was FULL of amazing rustic artifacts, props, machinery, tools… really just a photographers dream. It really was like walking through Pinterest Thank you again Jill. It was great meeting you and your family and I hope we can do it again sometime soon.

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