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Vintage Women

I try to stay out of Los Angeles and “the city” when it comes to my weddings. I don’t market myself down there and I don’t go out of my way to book any weddings down there. I’m much more comfortable doing weddings in barns, gardens, open spaces, etc, than I am at hotel ballrooms, conference centers and urban parks. But when I was asked to shoot a wedding at a Long Beach art gallery, it sounded fun. Time for the formal photos and… not many options, so we used the back alley with the girls and I actually like how it came out. But let me say that this is NOT “modern vintage”. As an aspiring old fart, I really dislike the concept of tinting photos and the over-use of props for engagement and wedding shoots for the sake of it looking like it was in the 1920s. This goes along with Vintage Circus, Flora Bella, Steam Punk, Café Racer vintage, etc. Now I know that every girl over 15 who spends hours on Pintrest will disagree with me, but I think it’s just a fad and look forward to creating more classic, properly-exposed, less-Photoshopped wedding photos. I had a bride inquire about photographing their wedding with the expectation to make the photos look “vintagey” and “old-timey” aka “vintage modern”. Mind you, the venue was a ballroom in a hotel in the suburbs. I told her the location didn’t match that theme, but if they changed their venue to a 1920s barn which had lots of memorabilia, perhaps an old gas pump, and a guy with a unicycle juggling bowling pins, then perhaps that look could be accomplished. I didn’t get the gig because my look is more modern, not pretend-old. Bah humbug.

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