Wedding - Blink And You'll Miss It

Blink And You'll Miss It

Many wedding photographers focus on detail shots and posed-candid photos of the bride/groom stoically posed in bright sunlight to sell themselves on their websites and blogs. But honestly most people with a decent camera can capture detail shots and pose two people based on what they see on Pintrest. What you’re hiring a professional wedding photographer for is someone who can not only capture detail shots and pose two beautiful people, but also capturing emotion, energy and the happiness of the day in everyone around them. Getting in on that dance floor and predicting moments like this when no one else is looking and being confident you have the correct focus, white balance and flash already to go at a moment’s notice. Now while photos like these may never appear on a blog or Pintrest, it’s really what the bride & groom hope to have, and it really does take someone with a good deal of experience and expertise in their equipment to be able to capture candid moments creatively. Be careful when selecting your wedding photographer. Try to look past the kind of shots that anyone can take and look deeper into their abilities, understanding of light, personality, enthusiasm, determination and uniqueness.

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