Wedding - Fingerstache Vs. Mustache

Fingerstache Vs. Mustache

I really don’t get star-struck. Celebrities are just normal people. I’m not impressed by money or things they’ve done. But when I meet someone who genuinely comes off as sincere, humble, gracious and funny, then I’m impressed, regardless of their profession. I never get autographs, or ask for my photo with them… until Saturday Nicole told me on the way to the wedding I was shooting with her that at the reception, her and I would be sitting right next to Jon Voight. Not only is he an Oscar-winning actor, but happens to be the father of this actress named Angelina Jolie. He drove some of the bridesmaids to the church and then afterwards at the Redondo Beach pier, bought all of us Churros while taking the bridal party shots. Then he held all their bouquets, purses & jackets while we did some other fun shots. He even asked me if he should buy some souvenir toys from the vendors on the pier to use as props for the bridesmaids/couple. I almost said Yes to the light sabers… Most humble, down to earth guy you’d ever meet. The best part of the day was when a woman came up to him and asked, “Excuse me but… are you on a soap opera?” to which he sternly replied, “NO. I would never do a soap opera.” At the reception he tried to hook me up with the single bridesmaids, and later on danced the night away to Lady Gaga, Kanye, Black Eyed Peas, etc. At the end of the night he asked for my card, before disappearing into the night. I wish you many wonderful years ahead Mr. Voight. May eternal blessings and success find you. And a huge thank you to Nicole Angelo Photography for letting me Second Shoot with you on this glorious day. Many more to come.

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