Wedding - Fountainhead


I am kinda glad that wedding season doesn’t overlap with Landscape season, because right now I’m just socked-in with weddings/families/maternity/newborns. I’m not complaining, but I would if we started getting a bunch of fantastic clouds/sunsets, or fall color in the trees, etc. But looking forward, I think I actually have a couple weekends off this year, so one of which I just booked a camping trip to the eastern sierras to catch some fall color. So if you’re up around Bishop the beginning of October, you might see me pixel-peeping for some fall color. A large majority of brides want their photo in front of a big fountain for some reason. I’m typically against this. You don’t want something else in the photo to outshine the main subject of the photo (bride & groom). I tell them this, but some still insist upon it. So in this case, using an f/1.4 lens, I blur it out a bit. Doesn’t hurt that there’s an awesome red barn behind them either, or that they’re a really beautiful couple. I really can’t wait until it’s Sunset Season again. I miss my clouds.

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