Wedding - Epic Wedding Day

Epic Wedding Day

Out of all the weddings that I’ve had a doctor fly me to a lakeside villa in Italy to photograph, this one was by far my favorite. This was the furthest I’ve traveled for a wedding, and was also my third smallest one ever (19 people total, including me). Since the wedding was on a Monday the grounds were virtually empty and we had full permission to go anywhere and everywhere, and Dr. Grossman and his new wife were great sports letting me whisk them around the property to the gardens, interior halls, fountains, lakeside, etc. Then dinner was anything we wanted on the menu. No garter toss. No money dance. Just a classy ceremony followed by an intimate dinner. I tell ya, they did it up right. I’ll have plenty of more photos on my blog once I process a bit more. Have a great weekend everyone. I have a wedding tomorrow way down near San Diego, and then none for two weeks when I’m being flown to Wisconsin for a wedding and then two weeks after that where I’m being flown to Victoria, Canada for someone else’s wedding, and I hope to have a big flickr meetup with anyone from the PNW.

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