Wedding - Bubble Bath Bride

Bubble Bath Bride

Any of you ever look forward to sitting your big rump in your chair at work on Monday just to take a break from your weekend? *high five* I’ve never been the “lazy weekend” kinda guy, but this weekend was about as go-go-go as it gets. 16hr wedding in Dana Point/San Juan Capistrano with my brother-in-law, getting back at almost 1am. Then come home to find out my CS4 went... well, went "away". :) Sat - worked on photos for 4 hours, then took the kids to a pirate festival in Oxnard. Then had a photo class field trip at the beach, then dinner with the kids, then a bath, then sleep-over for them. 4hrs of my work phone with 3 various domestic sites having more issues. Sun - drove them back at 8am, church at a new place at 9am, then worked on photos, client meeting at noon. Bought a Slap Chop @ Target, then went shopping @ Fresh & Easy, got kids at 2, lunch, then beach, then dinner, then bath, new undies @ target for Dylan, dropped them off at 9pm... and processed almost 1000 photos from the wedding and weekend. So today. I rest. Wait, I’m shooting headshots today at 6pm. Crap.

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